10 Celebrity Children All Grown Up

Celebrities’ lives are splashed across a myriad of media outlets every day, all day. The reality is reporting on celebrities is really big business.

The children of these gifted, renowned individuals, however, are often purposefully hidden from the public for obvious reasons. What is quite fascinating is that celebrity offspring are frequently even more impressive than their parents. A large percentage of these celebrity children try to follow their parents’ professional career paths. Some approach the world of modeling or find a rightful place in high fashion. It is well known that newly discovered talented actors and actresses find a way to carry on their famous parents’ legacies.


Frances Bean Cobain was the Apple of her Dad’s Eye ~ Before

Frances Bean, the daughter of Curt Cobain and Courtney Love spent much of her life shuffling between her parents’ lives. But that didn’t slow down her talent. It has been revealed that she declined the role of Alice in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.