13 States Come Together To Give Obama Some VERY Bad News

Throughout his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama has inflicted his various gun control and social justice agendas on the entire nation. Now, 13 states are fighting back in a big way.

Obama is FURIOUS about this!

Earlier this year, Obama issued a directive telling schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice, or risk losing the federal funding that helps them stay open.

Now 13 states have sued the Obama administration over this directive, WRCB-TVreported. Kentucky and Mississippi joined the coalition of 11 states taking Obama to court to stop his unlawful directive.

Oklahoma, Alabama, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, Maine, Louisiana, Utah, Arizona and Georgia were the other states involved in the lawsuit.

These states have decided that they won’t sit back and be subject to Obama’s social experimentation. They would prefer to exercise their own rights and decide the transgender bathroom issue for themselves.

Obama has repeatedly tried to expand the power of the White House over the past eight years. Many times states have banded together and taken him to court to stop his unlawful overreach.

Most recently, a coalition of states, led by Texas, managed to get Obama’s unlawful executive orders regarding illegal immigration thrown out in a big win for states’ rights.

This country was founded on the belief that individual states should exercise control over most aspects of governing the people, not the federal government.

The federal government exists to protect our nation, conduct diplomacy, and carry out other tasks that are too complex for 50 individual governments to tackle. The federal government does not exist to regulate who gets to use the men’s bathroom.

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