15 celebrities who went broke

There have been many days in our lives when we just do not have the resources or money to spend. Such days have been witnessed and encountered by well known celebrities as well, moreover some of them literally went so broke that they eventually had to sell their properties as well. No matter how well your career is going there are a lot of chances when you will just over spend for no reason and then later curse yourself for making the wrong move. These celebrities then had to take some crucial steps in order to get their life together. Here are some of those celebrities who went broke literally.

Larry King

Larry King

After his first divorce he owed to 360,000$ to creditors so he had to file for bankruptcy but he landed his own show that went on to become a historical show of America’s history. His debt’s were immediately paid off but he still never maintained to be a rich man as he has been divorced a lot of times and has to write checks every now and then.

Burt Reynolds


He owed $10 million and literally had to sell of his memorabilia. He denied it but we are pretty sure something was up with him back then. He was a huge star of 70’s and he can still pull himself out of the crisis.

Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf

He got famous for a 45 minute long song but later his partner who helped him write the song filed a case against him saying that he did not get enough credits for it. He lost all his fortune but managed to become successful and rich anyway a few years later.

Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton

She was able to give only one hit song “Unbreak my heart” and then he did not give any hit song after that and went on to become bankrupt in 2010 and in 2013 as well, moreover another bankruptcy was expected in 2015.

Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney

He has been into acting since a long time but he went bankrupt in the early 50’s and it took him almost 52 years to get out of it. He passed away in 2014 and was last seen in the movie “A night at the museum”.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

This Baywatch character has spent a lot of money on plastic surgery and getting her house maintained, moreover she was eventually asked to pay off her taxes that she had been ignoring so she had to file for bankruptcy.

Gary Busey


Busey is right now seen in the Amazon commercials and laughs maniacally but once he went through a head injury and was later diagnosed with cancer. After these medical procedures he was left with medical bills to pay and instead of going bankrupt he went on to become crazy and entertained the world with his comedic style.

Courtney Love


She was a love interest of Kurt Cobain and lead singer of the band hole. It is a famous conspiracy that Courtney Love murdered Kurt but it is still not proved. After the death of Cobain, Courtney ended up spending excess amount of money on drugs and developed drug addiction she eventually had to sell off her property and went bankrupt.

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipe

He appeared in the Blades trilogy but went on to be broke. He squandered all his money by 2006 and was even caught for tax evasion. He was imprisoned for a few years and then once he came out his friend Sylvester Stallone did him a favor an cast him in the expandable 3.

Leif Garrett


Being the Justin Beiber of 70’s was a big deal but his career was quite short lived and he immediately went bankrupt in 90’s. It was discovered that this rock star only had $350 in his bank account and his only source of income was $1000 from his mother.

Branden Fraser

Brendan Frase

He was earning approximately 2 million $ every year but he did not control his spending so now he has less money every month because he has to pay maximum amount of his earning to Child Support.

Donald Trump


It is hard to believe that a businessman like him was ever broke, he has filed for bankruptcy almost four times. He is smart hence instead of filing for personal bankruptcy he filed on behalf of his company, he could have easily paid it off with his own wealth but he is not dumb enough to make that move. Trump really knows how to protect his own money yet he does not have the cash to get a good haircut.

Michael Jackson


It is hard to believe that a super star like him would be broke. He owns a mansion but it is hard to manage it because it has a built in theme park and it takes almost half of his fortune to maintain it. By the time he died his family was in heavy debts and had no property or money.

Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman was left bankrupt by his parents, he earned around 8 million $ alone from one single show but he couldn’t spend it until he was 18.

Nicolas Cage

Nicholas Cage

He spent a lot of his money buying houses, mansions and private jets but he did not have as much money as he thought he did. He had to sell off his luxuries so he could finally pay off his debts. Cage finally learned to control his spending.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

She appeared in a chic flick “mean girls” that even entertained all the males out there but since then she was unable to land an acting gig and went on to become bankrupt. Things were so bad that she had to ask Charlie Sheen for some money.







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