15 Marvel Actresses Who Sizzle On And Off The Screen

All too often, the men of the Marvel universe take center stage. It makes sense on the surface of things, given that most superheroes are men. In the past few decades, however, our superheroine sisters have all been busy making names for themselves and changing the landscape of comic-inspired cinema. The Marvel-verse couldn’t survive without the¬†women behind it, and those heroines wouldn’t exist without the indomitable actors who brought them to life on the big screen.

Anna Paquin Embraced Rogue’s Struggle


Rogue is a central character in both the Marvel universe and the world of the X-Men. Throughout the first films in the original franchise, Rogue’s mutant abilities created an existential crisis for the character. While some critics and fans panned Anna Paquin’s performance as whiny and unsympathetic, there were moments when the audience connected with her vulnerability. Imagine never being able to safely touch someone with love or tenderness.