16 Heartbreaking Photos That Absolutely Everyone Needs To See

Free Dryclean For Jobless People

It’s a sad fact that tragedies dominate the news. And along with the negative stories, there are tons of depressing photos. That’s why it can be such a nice refresher to take a look at the brighter side of humanity. Here are 15 heartbreaking photos that will make you love life.

The Shower Mobile

Jon Pumper

Jake Austin had volunteered with the homeless for years in St. Louis, Missouri before his life-changing idea struck him. Austin realized that the homeless could receive as much personal hygiene items as they could carry, but that it didn’t matter because didn’t have a comfortable place to shower. That’s why Austin founded the nonprofit Shower to the People and turned a $5,000 truck into a mobile shower. But not every good deed needs to cost you that much–just check out the next guy.