20 Amazing Historical Photos That Show Exactly How Our Culture Has Evolved

They say that the past can teach us many lessons, but the truth is that many of us never paid that much attention in history classes at school.

That’s because history in school is always so boring. Who wants to be bored all the time? Not us. So, we don’t remember much from back then.

That’s why we’ve delved into the archives to bring you 20 images from the past with real stories to tell. You’re going to love learning about these moments because they’re not boring. We promise that you’ll remember them much better than anything you learned at school.


Yvonne Joyce Craig, An Early Superhero


Yvonne Joyce Craig was the first woman to play Batgirl in the 1960s TV show Batman.

She also appeared in Star Trek as a slave girl in the controversial episode “Whom Gods Destroy.”

She continued to act for many more years and last worked in 2011 as the voice over of “Grandma” on the TV show Olivia.