20 Amazingly Perfectly Timed Photos


You might be the best photographer there is out there but sometimes, you don’t have to be the best to take a perfect photo. You just need to be at the right place in the right moment. It will not matter if you take it with a phone or a very good camera; you just need to be passionate about what you do. Most of the time, you won’t even notice you took an awesome photo till you sit down to look at them.



This baby must be proud of that booty!

The photo must have been taken with intentions? The face is too tiny compared to the body. Or is it that the body grew and forgot the head?  Whatever it is, that baby has some fine legs.  I wonder what it’s going to look like when it gets older?


Say Cheese!

“OMG, this one is going to be so cute on instagram!”  Not only is their picture ruined (or made more awesome?) but they are in for a quick surprise is half a second.  They about to be all wet.


Put Some Clothes On?


I legitimately looked at this picture for 3 minutes thinking that girl is naked.  It just looks way too much like she is.  The timing and angle on this photo is impeccable!