20 Cats Who Failed At Life 

Cats are adorable, annoying, and funny when it comes to having them around as pets. However, their cute adorable faces do not make us forget those funny, embarrassing moments they have. 
With every unsuccessful trial to leap, eat or whatever adorable cats do, we just cannot grow tired of their adorable faces. Whether they are stuck in the toilet, or collapse due to joy we still love them. Here are 20 cats who failed at life but still looked adorable doing it.

1. Can I fit here?

It is apparently a cat’s nature to experiment with anything. However, the experimentation can put them in a lot of trouble. This cat should have known that no matter how hard it tried, it could never be a bottle.

All it ended up doing was looking like a clown in a costume.

2. How do I look?

You know those moments when you try something, and it ends up going very wrong, that is what happened with this cat. After playing with a hanger, the cat thought it could become an accessory and well the result was a cat with a necklace hanger on its head.

3. Oops I think I am stuck

The above picture is an ultimate case of a play day gone wrong. After all the turning and running, the cat finally decided to become one with the pipe and could not entangle himself or herself out of it. It resulted in a cat lying helplessly awaiting help from a Good Samaritan.

4. A little help over here

You know those moments when your cat sees everything like a toy, and then it happens to be their trap? This is a classic scenario of toy turned trap. The cat was stuck in the bag while trying to unravel its usefulness as a toy.

5. Oooh I cannot swim

When the cat has that moment where they think they can be anything only to find they are just adorable cats. The same thing happened to this cat; he was stranded after realizing he could not swim so all it could do was cry for help and hope someone rescues him

6. Get me out of here please  

The above picture is my ultimate favorite. How did this cat even land inside the bottle in the first place?  The adorable part is that you can see those two cute little eyes begging for help. Makes one wonder what happened until it got itself in such a position.

7. Please take it out of me

A classic ring on the neck situation. At times makes me wonder just how it got there. I am guessing the cat was trying to accessorize like its owner and thought of how hot it would look, but it realized that the big ring on its neck is not a necklace  

8. When curiosity kills a cat

I am sure the phrase is familiar to almost every cat owner. You know when your cat has those episodes of trying to know it all, and in the process, everything goes utterly wrong. Well, the above is an exact predicament of curiosity.

9. Let me do a stretch

When a relaxing evening on the couch turns into an exercise routine. After some time the cat realizes it cannot take its head out of the stretch it wanted. All you get is a cat scratching and clawing to find a way out of its personal gym hell.

10. Who left the tap on

When the kitchen turns into a pool scenario because your cat wanted to sip some water. The kitchen sink is transformed into a pool, and your cat hates water. I can assure you the above scenario does not end well.

11. I am scared of heights

When a cat scales all the way to the top for a rat and realizes at the very top, they are scared of heights. All you get is a cat constantly calling for help, and the cry is not as pretty as you would love to hear.

12. Ooh My God is that an enemy i see?

The moment your cat sees itself in the mirror and begins to attack the villain inside it. The war between the cat and an unexpected villain turns so horrific that the cat breaks the mirror into two to get to the enemy.

13. When the leap goes horribly wrong

At times, I think cats leaping skills are not perfect. For this particular cat, trying to jump from the bathtub to the toilet seat landed it in absolute trouble and by trouble I literary mean stinking trouble.

14. When "Yes I can" lands me in trouble*450.jpg

Cats are ribbon lovers that nobody can disagree. However, this particular cat loved ribbons so much to the point of thinking that it can reach for it without falling. You can imagine what happened when it jumped for it.

15. My failed catwalk skill

When the attempts of a cat to show off its catwalk skills, lead it to fall flat on its face. One would wonder what was going through its mind when trying to model.

16. The fury of the pillow

When pillow playtime turns to fight time. Apparently one lose pillow feather turned the pillow play date into an accidental trip over plenty of items in the house.

17. A failed escape

You those moments when your cat refuses to go to the vet, and you have to make them to? The above picture is an example of a failed attempt to escape after the cat thought it could trick the owner.

18. When the fence turns to my chain

Sometimes cats make me wonder how they get entangled in funny spots. I bet the next time this cat will go around the fence instead of through it. Lesson learnt that you cannot fit in all open spaces.

19. How in the heavens did I get here?

There at times, one wonders just how their cat gets stuck in some awkward place like for instance between a screen door and a glass door. Now how does this even happen? However, this means that your cat cannot tell the difference due to the sparkle on your doors.

20. Did not see that coming.  

Those few moments when the lantern playtime turns your cat into a desperation for help. Well makes you wonder how a lantern became a hood in the first place.a

JoAnn S