20 Celebrities With Good For Nothing Kids

Like the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This definitely holds true for children of famous celebrities. These tots often inherit their parents’ superstar good looks and talents. However, the work ethic and personal skills that helped launch their parents to the top of their fields is often completely lacking in the more privileged progeny. Hidden by the shade of their parent’s fame, their problems usually don’t catch the public eye until they’ve gone completely off the deep end. Here are 20 celebrities whose children might best be described as rotten to the core.

Indio Downey

Robert Downey Jr. was well-known for his drug and alcohol-fueled escapades as a young actor in Hollywood. Eventually, he was able to clean up his act. It seems, however, that his son Indio may have inherited his dad’s penchant for illicit substances. At the age of 24, multiple arrests for drug possession and public intoxication already mar his record.

Stephanie Rose Bon Jovi

Like her rock star father Jon, Stephanie Bon Jovi was living on a prayer after a heroin overdose in 2012. She was found to be in possession of marijuana and various drug paraphernalia at the time of the incident. She has been able to stay clean and out of the public eye since then.

Nick Hogan

After a successful wrestling career, Hulk Hogan kept himself busy with endorsement deals and reality television. The Hogan family was very much in the public eye when young Nick, 21 years old at the time, crashed his car while under the influence of alcohol. His friend, a Marine who recently returned from active duty, was in the car at the time and suffered permanent brain damage from the incident.

Nicole Richie

The daughter of the smooth-voiced 80s icon Lionel Richie, Nicole doesn’t seem to have picked up any of her father’s musical abilities. Instead, she is famous in her own right for being the hard-partying sidekick to another multimillionaire heiress. In the early part of the century, Nicole was arrested many times for DUI and possession.

Redmond O’Neal

The son of actors Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal, Redmond grew up with all the perks of having high-powered Hollywood parents. All of that luxury led him to a serious drug habit in his teenage years. His arrest record includes moving violations and felony drug possession. He was arrested, with his father, in 2008 for possession while on probation from other charges.

Weston Cage

The son of international acting sensation Nicolas Cage took his entertainment talent in a different direction. In between stints as a heavy metal singer and UFC hopeful, Weston was arrested several times for domestic violence. After his third arrest, he was placed under court-ordered psychiatric evaluation.

Cameron Douglas

The baby-faced son of Michael Douglas followed in his father’s footsteps. He found critical acclaim in 1997 in a moderately successful comedy effort called “Mr. Nice Guy”. Soon after, he was caught by police and charged with possession of methamphetamines with intent to distribute. He pled guilty and was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Theodora Richards

Keith Richards is no one’s idea of a role model. His epic party and wild ways passed on to his daughter, Theodora, who was arrested for graffiti in New York City. At the time, she was found to be in possession of Xanax and marijuana.

Qubilah Shabazz

As a child, Qubilah watched as her father, Malcolm X, died from an assassin’s gunshot wound. When she reached adulthood, Qubilah sought justice for her dead father. She hired someone to kill Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, whom she blamed for her father’s death. The hired hand was an FBI informant, however, and quickly passed the information on to other authorities. Qubilah agreed to a plea deal to avoid prison.

Montana Fishburne

The daughter of legendary actor Laurence Fishburne caught the acting bug. However, she decided to use her talents in front of the camera in a decidedly more adult fashion. After making her XXX debut at the age of 19, Montana cut all ties to her father.

Charlie Sheen

Bad boy Charlie Sheen’s antics are well documented. The son of Martin Sheen stays in the public eye with accusations of illegal drug use, frequent physical altercations, and being an abusive husband. Despite these claims and numerous arrests, Charlie continues on, unfazed.

Brayson Bryant

The son of reality television star Nene Leakes was arrested in 2010 for possession. While out on probation in 2011, he was caught shoplifting. He may not have inherited his mother’s flamboyant on-camera personality, but it seems some of her youthful wild ways may have rubbed off on him.

Kelly Osbourne

Far from ripping the heads off of bats with her bare teeth, Kelly Osbourne still managed to get some of her heavy metal father’s crazy ways. In her teens and early 20s, drugs and alcohol-fueled a continuous stream of embarrassing public displays. She was able to avoid criminal charges for her antics until 2008, when she slapped a journalist for insulting her fiancé.

Caroline Guiliani

Rudy Guiliani served as mayor of New York City from 1994 through 2001. His daughter Caroline was able to keep herself out of the public eye for much of that time. In 2010, she was caught shoplifting high-end cosmetics at a Sephora outlet in Manhattan. Her crimes earned her a conviction for petty larceny.

Richard Hilfiger

The son of fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger used the family name to launch an ill-fated attempt at a rap career. At the age of 20, he was arrested for possession of marijuana while driving in Hollywood. He was arrested again in 2015 for assaulting a bouncer in Miami Beach, Florida who would not let him in the club in his scruffy attire.

Marston Hefner

Hugh Hefner certainly didn’t pass down any lessons on how to treat ladies to his sons. Marston Hefner, the oldest offspring of the world-famous Playboy, was arrested for domestic violence in 2012 for attacking his fiancé, Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair. He was sentenced to a one-year diversion program.

Barabara and Jenna Bush

Growing up in the White House did nothing to teach these two how to act like ladies. In 2001, the fraternal twins were caught trying to buy beer with a fake ID. They were only 20 years old at the time. No information is available on how the charges were resolved.

Christian Brando

The only son of actor Marlon Brando and his first wife, Christian was sentenced to 6 years in prison for killing his half-sister’s boyfriend. The incident happened at the Brando family home. In 2005, he was again convicted for abusing his wife and received probation. Christian passed away from pneumonia in 2008.

John Carter Cash

John took after his musically-inclined mother and father with a career in country music. Apparently, he took after his father in more ways than one. In October 2014, Cash was arrested in a Canadian airport for drunkenly stripping to his drawers while attempting to board a plane.

Cyrus Zachariah

In 2010, Cybill Shepherd’s son Cyrus was arrested for theft after he was caught taking items from the bags of other passengers at the Philadelphia International Airport. Since then, he has cleaned up and launched an acting career of his own.

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