20 Celebrities You Had No Idea Are Atheist

20 Celebrities You Had No Idea Are Atheist

Hollywood stars mesmerize everyday people with their larger than life portrayals of historical and dramatic figures. Some celebrities convince us, when playing people like Ghandi, Moses or Jesus Christ, that they have a devoutly spiritual soul. That’s is certainly a testament to their great acting skills and abilities to create on-screen passion.

But, at the end of the day, we generally do not know these stars of the silver screen personally. While it may not come as a surprise that Hollywood can be a morally bankrupt place, it will shock you that these 20 icons are widely considered godless!

Angelina Jolie Has No Relationship With God

Considered one of Hollywood’s bad girls, Angelina Jolie is the child of divorcees Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. She has bounced around high-profile romances that include Brad Pitt and a fiery stinger with Billy Bob Thornton. While she has certainly had more than her share of hot romances, her relationship with God appears ice cold.

How Anti-Christian Is Julianne Moore?

The daughter of a U.S. paratrooper stationed at Fort Bragg who rose to the rank of Colonel, Moore first earned critical acclaim for her role in the salacious “Boogie Nights” film. Since then, she has been a Hollywood darling and aspires to anti-Christian positions on abortion. She is reportedly on the Planned Parenthood board.

Daniel Radcliffe Won’t Preach It

The star of the “Harry Potter” movie franchise may be born of Jewish and Irish descent, but he has never embraced faith. In fact, he’s a bit smug about his estrangement from God. He considers himself a kind of chill non-believer that doesn’t preach atheism, but applauds those that do.

Keira Knightley Mocks Catholicism

Actress Keira Knightley must think she’s pretty witty. In an interview, she reportedly mocked the Catholic Church by saying she’d love to be a Catholic because all she would need to do is “ask for forgiveness.” But, the caveat was that she made a snide remark about Catholic guilt and said, “It’s absolutely extraordinary. If only I wasn’t an atheist, I could get away with anything.”

Johnny Depp Doesn’t Have A Clue

From his early acting roots in “21 Jump Street” to the “Pirates of The Caribbean” franchise and all the remarkable acting efforts in between, Johnny Depp has zero religious answers. He’s widely considered agnostic, meaning the 55-year-old celebrity hasn’t figured out there’s a God yet. He says he only has faith in his loved ones and acting future.

Brad Pitt Is Not Completely Lost

Despite growing up in a Southern Baptists Church environment, Brad Pitt broke away from organized religion. Perhaps he favors all the high-profile breakups plastered across tabloids to building a relationship with a higher power. In his defense, he has made a commitment to teaching his children about religion and says he’s only 80 percent agnostic. Unfortunately, the other 20 percent is atheist.

Cult-Indoctrinated Joaquin Phoenix An Atheist? No Shocker

The Puerto Rican born A-list actor has had his share of bizarre behavior over the years.  A psychologist might trace that back to his “gypsy” roots and the suspicion he grew up in a cult called the Children of God. Although reportedly “retired” from acting roles that included “Gladiator” and “Walk the Line” among many others, he continues to work in the entertainment industry and be estranged from God.

Jodie Foster Is A Lost Lamb

Born Alicia Christian Foster, the A-lister has had a tremendous run of movie and TV successes that ran from the 1960s “Mayberry R.F.D.” to “Silence of the Lambs.” She reportedly said that she adores Christian and other religious holidays and celebrates them traditionally. She’s just not down with the God thing however.  

No Sure Redemption For Morgan Freeman

In what be an unexpected twist of Faith for many, the inspiration actor who moved the hearts and minds of people around the world in “The Shawshank Redemption” and “Glory” is no man of God. In fact, he reportedly disputes the very idea, questioning others’ faith by asking if anyone has seen any hard evidence.

George Clooney Could Use Some Forgiveness

After establishing himself as a Hollywood heart-throb in the TV drama “ER,” Clooney emerged as a go-to A-list actor and well-known activist. He claims that he doesn’t like to reject other people’s belief in God because it “ticks” them off. But the Oscar winner and once-Catholic may want to say a few prayers and ask for forgiveness considering his recent string of Box Office bombs.

Hugh Laurie Doesn’t Have God In The House

After making a tremendous entertainment splash as the narcissistic and hard-edged physician in the TV series “House,” Laurie has emerged in a similar, though more psychotic role in “Chance.” Although raised in an English Presbyterian church, he opted out of faith in his latter years. His personal position on God seems to mirror his on-screen roles.

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’s Atheism

One of six siblings, Kevin Bacon’s image became so prevalent that people created the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon parlor game. He’s split time on the silver screen between inspirational characters such as “Footloose” and the dysfunctional. The dichotomy seems to mirror his marriage to the practicing Jewish star Kyra Sedgwick.

Religion Is A Fiction For Bruce Willis

From popularity in the TV show “Moonlighting” to the “Die Hard” franchise and his pivotal performance in “Pulp Fiction,” the Protestant reportedly mocked organized religions saying that it played an important role “when we didn’t know why the sun moved.” Like Kevin Bacon, Willis also ironically married a practicing Jewish woman, Demi Moore.

Did Uma Thurman Just Rebel?

Considering that Uma Thurman’s father was a prominent Buddhist man of letters and the Dalai Llama himself used to visit their family home, one has to wonder if the iconoclastic roles she gravitates toward are an extension of her rebellion of faith? However, given her name, “Uma,” means “great middle way,” maybe being agnostic was fated.

Zac Efron, Born And Raised

Despite having a Hebrew last name, Efron was born into and raised in an agnostic home. He says the family never really practiced religion, so he has no tangible connection to God or faith. The avid outdoorsman appears to view life as a series of challenges. For now, adversity hasn’t pointed him upwards.   

Seth MacFarlane Isn’t Civil About Faith

The “Family Guy” creator seems to believe there is a natural distinction between moral movements and faith. He is reportedly on record claiming that he’s a big fan of the Civil Rights Movement and somehow that’s an advancement of knowledge over faith? Seth may want to check his powder on that one. Martin Luther King Jr. was, after all, a Baptist minister.

Is Keanu Reeves Still In The Matrix?

The Canadian actor is a generational household name. From the “Bill & Ted” films to “The Matrix” franchise, Reeves is a fan favorite. But his work in deeply religious movies such as “The Devil’s Advocate” and most notably “Constantine” haven’t pulled him into a definable religious space. He’s vaguely non-denominational.

Janeane Garofalo Calls Believers ‘Child-Like’

The actress and comedienne has amassed a formidable stand-up body of work. It came as a shocker when she reportedly said that Bill O’Reilly’s autobiography, George Bush’s children’s book and the Bible were all works of fiction targeted at a “child-like audience.” In jest, she claimed to not know how to read. Maybe she wasn’t joking?

Javier Bardem Has A Man-Crush

Born Javier Ángel Encinas Bardem in the Spanish Canary Islands, the smirky actor was raised Catholic but faith didn’t take root with him. He views religion as a default position for people who don’t know what else to do with themselves. He’s somewhat famous for saying, “I don’t believe in God, I believe in Al Pacino. Cheeky.

Rose Byrne Is Un-Knowing

The Aussie actress was raised in a home without devout religion and emerged as a product of her own environment. The agnostic celebrity has hit home runs since her stunning role across from Glenn Close in “Damages.” She an established Hollywood A-lister and mainstay in the “X-Men” franchise. However, her faith is as big a mystery as her role in “Knowing.”

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