20 GIFs That Show Live News Reporting Isn’t Always A Great Idea


TV reporters live glamorous lives and we’ve all envied them, just a little, when we’ve seen them reporting from a star-studded event and enjoying the limelight.

What many of us haven’t considered is that live-reporting his its dark side too. Live means that you can’t redo a take or reshoot a scene. If things go wrong, the whole world is going to know it.

That’s what happens in these 20 hilarious live TV moments. Something doesn’t go quite according to plan. Don’t worry, nobody got fired, but we imagine a few people were teased all the same. Enjoy.


Gate Crashers Of The Boston Bombing


This Fox News reporter has his hands full, literally, as two ladies rush on screen in what appears to be an attempt to kiss him without his consent. Certainly, there are worse problems to have at work, but most of them don’t take place live on TV, do they?