20 Hilarious Photos of Bad Dogs

Humans and dogs share a special bond – a symbiotic one for that matter. Our furry friends not only provide us companionship, but they’re also probably the most loyal pets we can own. However, that doesn’t mean that every day is cuddles, rocking, and joy.


It reaches a time when they get rebellious and engage in all manner trouble in the house. Sometimes we scold them. Other times we cannot help it but burst out laughing at their funny and stupid behavior. If you own a dog, you honestly can attest to this, and you most likely are from punishing your little friend.

We’ve gathered 20 funny photos of dogs caught in the act that will definitely get you cracking your ribs in laughter

1.Caught in the act

The dog and the cat caught in the act – in the kitty style position. He is as guilty as seen, and the look and those eyes say it all. Shocked to discover that mom is home early today. But then again, he must be cursing, and if it were possible, he would defend himself saying that it’s not as it looks. ‘It’s just an innocent play, human!’