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Animal attacks are a common cause of either human injuries or fatalities. In the U.S. alone, up to five million people are attacked by dogs and cats each year, with the frequency of animal attacks varying depending on geographical location. In the U.S., an individual is more likely to be killed by domesticated animals than they are to die from being hit by lighting. When agitated, hungry, or scared, animals go back to their true nature – the instinct to survive no matter the cause. Here is a look of some of the 20 most insane animal attacks.  


1. A Drunk Man Killed After Jumping Into a Tiger Enclosure

A 22 year old drunk man, Maqsood, is said to been attacked and killed by an endangered tiger after jumping into its cage at an Indian zoo. Once inside the enclosure, the tiger went ahead grabbing him by the neck and biting him. By the time helped reached him, he was dead.

2. Film Editor Killed by a Lion in Africa

Katherine Chappell, was also another victim of animal attack. The 29 year old special effects editor on Game Of Thrones was killed when her car was attacked by a lion while on safari in South Africa. As she was taking photos, a lion jumped through an open window killing her.


3. Man Attacked by Shark While Swimming

While swimming along the North Carolina shoreline with his friends, a man in his early thirties was attacked by a shark. Even though the man narrowly survived the shark attack, all was not good as he ended up with an injury to his lower back that required him having more than 10 stitches.

4. Man Attacked and Eaten by a Rottweiler

A farm caretaker, Mani Ram was untying a guard dog after arriving at work when it turned on him. The violent animal locked its jaws around the 52 year old man’s throat and chocked him to death before he could break loose. In fact, the dog went ahead to maul his feast and face.

5. Todd Orr Being Attacked by a Bear in Montana

Bear attacks on human beings have been increasing. Just recently, a man from Bozeman, Montana posted shocking footage and photos of how he ended up surviving a grizzly bear attack. Todd Orr posted the photo on social media showing the moments the bear attacked him in Madison Valley Montana.  



6. Pitbull Attacks and Injures a Toddler

Recently in the United States, an adopted pitbull attacked and seriously injured a toddler. The toddler was playing with the dog before suddenly turning on her. Even though the dog was later shot and killed, it ended up leaving terrible scars on the face of the toddler that required more than five stitches.

8. Performing Monkeys Attack the Owner in China

In 2008, three angry monkeys turned on their trainer and began beating him with his own stick. This was after their owner beat them up for refusing to ride on a child’s bicycle in a street performance in the eastern province of Sizhou, China.

9. Little Boy Attacked by a Monkey

An irate monkey went on to attack a small boy while on a trip zoo in India. Even though the child’s father and the zookeeper fought to separate them, the boy ended up with injuries to his neck, knees, and his lower back.

10. News Reporter Attacked by Lions

Being a field news reporter is on most occasions a dangerous affair. While on a reporting duty, a news reporter covering about how dangerous animal attacks like lions could be was actually attacked by a pack of lions kept inside an enclosure. Even though he survived the attack, he was left with injuries to his hands and face.

11. Elephant Kills Trainer at an Indian Circus

A startled elephant in an Indian circus stomped and killed its trainer. Minutes later, the elephant broke out of the building causing further harm before being shot and killed by the police. Sadly, the trainer did not survive the attack despite efforts to rush him to hospital.

12. Jonathon Schoeneman Crocodile attack

While fishing and swimming in Texas, Jonathon Schoeneman was attacked and bitten by a crocodile. Even though Schoeneman survived the attack, he was left with terrible head, face, and jaw injuries. Additionally, Schoeneman had to be stitched severally in his neck as the crocodile aimed at his head and neck.

13. Four-Year-Old Brooke By Family Pet$_59.JPG

Dog bites are recently on the increase. A four year-old boy known as Riley was bitten by the family’s pet dog while playing with it. Riley survived the attack but not before being taken to hospital and having his faced stitched a couple of times.

14. Leanne Ericson Shark Attack

In 2017, a mother of three children was attacked and subsequently bitten by a shark as she was swimming with her boyfriend in California. Leanne was with friends and family at San Onofre beach when she decided to paddle out into the ocean. Few minutes into the open sea, a shark emerged and bit her hand.



15. Woman in Virginia Mauled to Death by Her Own Dogs

Majority of dog attacks are usually bites. However, there are occasions where dogs maul its victims after attacking them as it was in the case in Virginia. In 2017, Bethany Stephens took a walk in the woods with her dogs before they turned on her. The dogs killed her and ate parts of her body.

16. Woodard Cat Injuries

Even though cats may seem friendly, they are known to attack human beings especially they are hungry, scared, or agitated. In Georgia, a man known as Woodard was attacked by his own cat and left with injuries to his left ear that had to be stitched twice.

17. Man Attacked and Killed by Seagulls

In one of the most bizarre animal attacks, a pensioner in Wales died after being attacked by a flock of angry seagulls just outside his bungalow house. Roby had disturbed a nest of chicks while cleaning bird droppings from the roof when the birds attacked and killed him.

18. Horse Attacks its Trainer

Horses are mainly friendly to human beings. However, they can be aggressive at times. In 2011, a horse trainer in Portland was killed after his horse kicked him in the head. Efforts to save his life were futile as he was pronounced dead upon arriving at the local hospital.

19. Tourist Has His Arm Bitten off in Florida!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_1200/alligator.jpg

Crocodile attacks are common in many places across the globe. In Florida, an American tourist had his hand bitten off when he was relieving himself in Lake Cancun that is located in one of the most visited tourist hotspots in Mexico. He survived the attack though he lost his hand.

20. Florida: Man’s Arm Bitten Off by Alligator

Alligator attacks on human beings are on the rise. In 2016, things got out of hand as a man running away from the police had his hand bitten off by an alligator in attempt to avoid being arrested. He jumped into an alligator infested lake where his hand was bitten off. 

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