Thug Slashes American Woman For ‘Being White’ – What Happens Next…OMG!

Obama and his minions love to make it look like blacks are the only ones who ever find themselves to be the victims of hate crimes. That’s why they’re trying to sweep this story under the rug…

According to the New York Post, Gregory Alfred, 25, has been charged with a hate crime after he slashed a woman’s neck in a random attack simply because she was white. He reportedly targeted 53-year-old Poland native Janina Popko as she walked across a Brooklyn street on March 10.

Alfred told police that he set out to slash white people because he blamed both them and “the system” for not allowing him to smoke weed freely.

Police picked up Alfred, who has more than 20 previous arrests, at his mother’s Sayreville, NJ over the weekend and immediately extradited him back to New York. He is expected to be arraigned sometime on Wednesday.

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