Blake Shelton Embroiled In Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were known as country music’s golden couple, so fans were stunned when they suddenly divorced last summer. As the public scrambled for answers, the gossip magazine InTouch Weekly published an article claiming that the marriage broke up because of Blake’s alcoholism, and that he had since entered rehab.

This turned out to be a big mistake.

According to American News, Blake is now suing the company behind the magazine for $2 million due to the negative impact the story had on his career. Shelton claims the story is completely false, and here are some of the reasons he says it’s a lie:

• “I have never been to rehab”
• “I did not then nor have I ever hit rock bottom”
• “I do not drink excessively, binge drink or have a drinking problem”
• “I do not drink vodka before 11 a.m.”
• “I am never drunk, intoxicated or unable to perform my job on The Voice”
• “I do not slur my words or stumble when I drink”
• “I have never urinated on a mailbox”
• “My ex-wife Miranda Lambert did not catch me with a bunch of naked women in our Tennessee home”

Since the article has no valid sources, Blake has a very good case against the magazine. SHARE this story if you support him!



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