Trump Reveals GOP Establishment’s Darkest Secret – They Never Saw This Coming

Ever since Donald Trump entered the race, the Republican establishment has been trying to take him down because they know they will never be able to stop him if he makes it to the White House. Trump has stayed silent about the attacks against him from the Republican elite: until now.

After learning that the GOP establishment had created the hashtag #NeverTrump, the Republican frontrunner responded by revealing their deepest, darkest secret.

“You know what these are? These are establishment people that don’t want to see it happen because they’re all on the trough; they’re all making a lot of money,” Trump told his supporters, according to The Political Insider.

“I don’t even think in many cases they care who wins; they want to keep it going,” he continued. “If they worked this hard to stop Obama, Obama wouldn’t have had a chance, you know that?”

With this statement, Trump showed that the Republican elite isn’t actually worried about the issues facing our country after seven years of Obama’s leadership. Instead, they see politics as a business, and they look at Trump as a threat to their operations. It’s sickening that the GOP establishment isn’t taking the feelings of Republicans all over America into account. We have made it clear that we WANT Trump to be our president, and they should respect that.

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