Major Fox News Personality Arrested For Rape, Sodomy

The Fox News family was rocked by a major arrest this week when a former Fox reporter in Miami was indicted on Tuesday on charges of forcible sodomy and rape.

Miami New Times reported that Orlando Salinas was a reporter with Fox until 2012, when he left for a job at Roanoke’s CBS affiliate. He was arrested and booked into the Montgomery County jail last night in connection to a January 11th sexual assault of a woman that was not his wife.

Few other details about the case are available at this time.


Salinas left CBS last year after getting into an argument with his boss about not wanting to wear a suit and tie every day. After this, he became a real estate agent. Throughout his career, he was known to fans for his brash attitude.

“Some of the most annoying people make the best reporters,” he told the Roanoke paper.

We will update you further as this story develops.



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