This 78 Year Old Veteran Was Told To Remove American Flag Because It’s ‘Un-American’ So He Does THIS Instead.

When 78 year old veteran, Tony Cumberworth received a letter from his home owners association demanding that he remove the American flag from his front yard he was completely baffled. Even worse, the HOA threatened to charge the proud patriot $50 a day in fines.

Cumberworth explained the situation to reporters:
“It’s been there 20 years and nobody has ever said a word. First it was ridiculous. Then I got insulted. I fought for this country. My son fought for this country. I do not understand them trying to take away my rights.”

Confused and angered, Cumberworth decided to investigate this alleged rule in his HOA agreement. He soon discovered that he wasn’t breaking any rules, at which point he took his story to the media. Sure enough, the public outcry forced the HOA to take action.

Days later, Cumberworth received a letter from the HOA. Here’s what it said:

“Please disregard the code violation notice,” the message read. “It was sent to your home in error. We truly thank you for your service in Vietnam and your American flag can stay in your yard as long as you desire.”

Do you think Cumberworth did the right thing?

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