After 10 Years Trying To Hide It, Dolly Parton Makes A Shocking Announcement

In a heart-wrenching interview, Dolly Parton opens up about the secret struggle she’s wrestled with for over a decade. I just can’t hold back the tears!

Dolly Parton has never been ashamed of her childhood. In fact, Parton has always openly shared that she was well-loved despite her family’s heartbreaking poverty.

Parton’s famous song, “Coat of Many Colors”, shows a side of the beautiful country legend not many would otherwise suspect.

The song tells the personal story of how her sweet mama stitched a coat for young Dolly out of various rags and scraps. Her family was so poor, they couldn’t afford to purchase her a coat — but Dolly cherished her ‘coat of many colors’ and wore it proudly. Every time Parton thinks about her special little coat, she is reminded of her mom’s selfless love.

When her beloved mother passed away in 2003, Dolly couldn’t bring herself to even hum the song, knowing her emotions would get the best of her.

Dolly told WENN, “When she [momma] passed away I could not sing that song for probably three to six months without crying when I was singing it. Seriously, I could not sing that song without thinking of everything my momma had ever done to make us all feel loved.”

Some days, the pain is simply too much to bear. Dolly shared her secret struggle and that even now, it’s difficult to perform “Coat of Many Colors,” and will remove it from her set list depending on her mood the day of the performance.

“Every time I sing that song it depends on what kind of place I’m at in my life. I’d try not to lose everything on stage in front of everybody, like my eyelashes and my rouge! It brings back memories about my brothers and sisters when we were young. It brings Daddy back; he’s gone now also.”

When Dolly’s movie version of “Coat of Many Colors” was finally released, Dolly was so worried about being an emotional mess, she asked for a private screening for herself and her sister, Stella.

“I knew that I could not watch that movie with other people, because I knew that I would just sob my eyes out. Stella felt the same, so Warner Brothers were nice enough to give us a little theatre in their office building for Stella and I to watch it.

We just cried our eyes out. When we got out of the car and walking up the steps we were thinking, ‘We’re going in here to watch ourselves, watch our family, mom and daddy’. It was just the strangest feeling for us and real touching .”

Watch Dolly Parton give an emotional tribute to her parents as she performs “Coat of Many Colors” in the video below:

Knowing the full story behind Dolly’s raw emotions of this song, I’ll never hear it the same way ever again.

Our hearts go out to you, Dolly. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Losing a parent is a heartbreak you can’t quite ever get over.

Please share this post if you know the pain of losing a parent and can empathize with Dolly’s heartache. We love you, Dolly Parton!

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