ALERT: Homeland Security Makes Terrifying Announcement… IT’S HAPPENING

Homeland Security officials have issued a terrifying warning to Americans that soft targets, which are defined as places terrorists can easily access and blend in to cause large-scale devastation, are vulnerable to terrorism.

According to Western Journalism, the FBI responded to these concerns by holding a briefing with bars and restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area about the potential threat of terrorism. Sources say the attacks in Paris and Brussels shows terrorists how vulnerable soft targets are, and they will likely use this to attack the United States.

“What we saw in Paris were strikes against restaurants, sidewalk cafes, as well as a concert hall and the stadium,” said Fox News Chief Intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge. “The stadium had some security and that’s largely credited with keeping one, at least one, of the suicide bombers from killing more people in Paris.”

“But here in Washington, D.C., because there are so many targets that have been significantly hardened, which is inside language for additional security added, that there was a briefing called with a focus on these so-called soft targets — restaurants and bars — held by FBI, Homeland Security, as well as the Washington, D.C., police,” she added.

When reporters spoke to those who attended the briefing, they learned it was more of a “see something, say something campaign.”

“They went to, you know we need detailed building plans and floor plans for your restaurant, your bar. We need you to have meetings with your employees, to discuss succession plans and an evacuation plan,” said Bill Duggan, a bar owner in Washington who went to the briefing.

Attendees also said the briefing gave them a “sobering view” of our security realities, as it showed them the gap between government capabilities and real-world scenarios and what the private sector must be able to do to bridge that gap.

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