Andrew Jackson GONE from the $20 Bill – Here’s His Replacement

Liberals have been on a mission for the past year to put a woman on a piece of US currency, and it appears they have finally succeeded in this endeavor.

According to Young Conservatives, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is expected to announce this week that a woman will replace Andrew Jackson on the face of the $20 bill.

Last Summer, Lew announced that he was planning to redesign the $10 bill to put a woman on it instead of Alexander Hamilton. However, the success of the Broadway show “Hamilton” put a stop to this. Instead of removing Hamilton, a mural-style depiction of the women’s suffrage movement, including images of leaders such as Susan B. Anthony, will be featured on the back of the bill.

At this time, it is unclear who will be replacing Jackson on the $20. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.



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