Armed Shooter Storms Into US Bar – It’s Happening Again…

Just one day after the devastating massacre in Orlando, Florida that left 49 people dead, the U.S. was  nearly hit with yet another mass shooting. Luckily, a former cop with a concealed carry permit was on the scene to save the day.

According to Right Wing News, 24-year-old Andrew McClean walked into a New York bar on Monday announcing his plans to rob the place. He proceeded to steal cash from the register and customers, but that’s when things took a deadly turn for him.

McClean didn’t count on 69-year-old Robert Beardsley, a former NYPD police officer who retired in 1975, on being in the bar. Beardsley quickly took out his gun and shot McClean once in the head, killing him instantly.

The NYPD’s chief of detectives has spoken out to praise Beardsley, saying he “acted properly from what we can see right now.”

Friends of Beardsley have also said good things about him.

“He always says hello, he’s friendly. He’s a good guy. When I was a little kid he used to be out mowing his lawn and I’m playing. He’s very nice to me,” said neighbor Christopher Rusch, according to Pix11.

Eugenia Zaharopoulos has lived down the street from Beardsley for 39 years, and she remembers the time he saved her daughter’s life many years ago when the child got locked in the trunk of a car.

“She was playing with her friend her friend locked her by accident. I started screaming and he run over. Even though he never said hello to me from that day he always says hello,” said Zaharopoulos.

We applaud Beardsley for stopping McClean before he could kill anyone. THIS is why concealed carriers are so necessary!



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