Armed Thug Storms Restaurant – Vietnam Veteran Gives Him A BRUTAL Dose Of Reality

Last Saturday morning, a thug holding what looked like a semi-automatic rifle learned the hard way that he’d picked the wrong Waffle House to rob when he chose the location where 70-year-old Vietnam veteran Phillip Brooks had hoped to have a quiet breakfast.

According to Western Journalism, the no-nonsense veteran was having breakfast at a Fayetteville, North Carolina Waffle House when the hoodlum stormed in wielding what looked like an AK-47 and announced his plans to rob the place. Brooks, however, wasn’t having any of it, so he picked up his walking cane and proceeded to teach the thug a lesson.

“He ran up to the cash register, started demanding the money – ‘Give me all the money in the drawer. Open the drawer,’” Brooks told WRAL TV.

Brooks noticed his fellow customers scurrying to hide. One woman was able to call 911.

“We’re in the Waffle House on Reilly Road, and there’s a guy who’s trying to rob here, and he has a really big gun,” she told the 911 operators.

Unlike the other customers, Brooks was not afraid, as he had already noticed that the wannabe robber’s “gun” was fake.

“This thing was wood almost all the way up to the end of the barrel. No trigger guard, no trigger,” Brooks said. “All the working parts were missing, so I just told the girls, ‘Don’t give him anything. That’s a fake gun.’”

“My first three years, I was in the infantry,” the veteran told the media. “I did two tours in Vietnam, so I got to see a lot of AK-47s.”

The robber tried to protest, saying, “I’m for real,” but Brooks wouldn’t back down.

“I showed him how real I was,” Brooks said Friday with a chuckle. “I hit him in the nose with my cane.”

Witnesses say Brooks and the robber then squared off, each using their own devices as weapons. The robber tried to use the gun as a club to strike Brooks, but the veteran was able to defend himself using his cane.

Finally, the other customers stepped in to help take the robber down, and the punk eventually fled. Police are still looking for the suspect, who is described as a black man with a light complexion, standing about feet 10 inches tall, with a thin build, and wearing dreadlocks. He was wearing a black and gray hoodie and gray pants at the time of the robbery.

We applaud this veteran for giving this wannabe thug a huge dose of reality. SHARE this story if you love and support ALL our nation’s veterans!



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