Armed Thug Tries To Rob Pharmacy, Then Patriot Pulls Out His Gun…

West Virginia police officers have released shocking CCTV footage that shows the shocking moment a pharmacist working at a store shot and killed an armed robber who pulled a gun on employees and demanded money.

According to Three Percent Nation, Don Radcliff defended his fellow employees and about eight customers at the Good Family Pharmacy when he killed the armed robber, later identified as Terry Gillenwater, 25. Radcliff is the proud owner of a concealed carrier permit, and he luckily kept a gun of his own in his white lab coat.

Patrick Good, owner of the pharmacy, spoke out afterwards to praise Radcliff for his bravery.

“You can’t just be passive when people come in trying to rob you. I mean, you work all of your life for stuff like this, and you can’t just let someone take it away from you,” he said. “You’re always prepared. We carry all the time. You always have that in the back of your mind. You just hope and pray that you never have to act on it.”

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