Assange Threatened Again By Hillary So WikiLeaks Say They Will End Her Campaign Today!!

In the last couple of months, Julien Assange, the leader of WikiLeaks, has been saying that the next leak they make will have information that “will ensure Hillary Clinton’s arrest.” This October Surprise release was expected to happen today.

However, it was reported that Assange was forced to abandon a planned announcement on the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in London amid fears of an assassination attempt.

It is thought that these security concerns are related to an article that appeared on True Pundit which alleged that Hillary wanted to have Assange dead. This was promoted by WikiLeaks on their Twitter feed.

The Daily Mail reports: After Clinton allegedly proposed a drone strike, another solution was reportedly brought up to solve the WikiLeaks problem: place a bounty for Assange’s capture and extradition to the United States. Figures discussed were in the area of $10 million, according to TruePundit.

And following that meeting, one of Clinton’s top aides – Anne-Marie Slaughter, the State Department’s director of policy planning – wrote an email to Clinton, Clinton’s aides Huma Abedin and Jacob Sullivan as well as Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills with the subject line ‘an SP memo on possible legal and nonlegal strategies re Wikileaks.’

This year, WikiLeaks has already released information stolen by unknown hackers from the Democratic leadership in advance of the party’s convention. The 20,000 leaked emails showed how party officials had tried to undermine Clinton’s rival Bernie Sanders.

The Gateway Pundit added this disclaimer on its report of the story, “For the record… Wikileaks may be getting punked here. TruePundit may be a hoax website.”

There is no evidence to point to this however. If it is a hoax, it will be the exception.

What are your thoughts on this?



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