Beloved Fox Reporter Suddenly Quits – The Reason Why Will Shock You

Molly Henneberg has been one of the most popular reporters at Fox News during her 13 years with the network. That’s why it came as sad news to her fans when she suddenly quit recently. When viewers found out why she was leaving, however, they applauded her for her decision.

After more than 13 years working with Fox News, Molly Henneberg made the controversial decision to quit her high-profile job to stay at home with her young daughter.

Henneberg told reporters that her husband supported her decision to “leave something she loves, for something she loves more.”


The former reporter caused quite the stir when she said that while she doesn’t judge working mothers, her life “has fallen into a better balance” since she left her prestigious position.

Before quitting, Henneberg made a name for herself covering the White House, Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court and the Pentagon. She also reported on major events ranging from the Virginia Tech shootings to Hurricane Katrina.

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