10 Most Amazing Sitcoms of 2015

2015 has been a great year and many new sitcoms have touched brand new heights of amazingness gaining positive feedback from critics and audience. From “master of none” to “parks and recreations” every sitcom has given us something to relish. Some shows brought home some new kind of humor paired with a traditional sitcom narrative. This year has seen some great ingredients in the genre of sitcom and several networks such as Netflix and ABC made some incredibly wonderful sitcoms with a fresh and a brand new concept. Be it episodes starring Matt Le Blanc, Kat Denning’s Two broke girls with Joey Deschanel’s New girl every one of these sitcoms is a 25-30 minutes of heaven. Here are our picks of the 10 best sitcoms of the year 2015.


One of a kind comedy, for the first time ever a star is casted as himself. Well, no other than our eye candy Joey Tribbiani could handle such a role. Matt Le Blanc plays himself in this sitcom and has been at least more successful than Friends Spin off “JOEY”. We believe it is the most under rated show of 2015 and it deserves a lot more than that. Matt Le Blanc and some jokes about friends caught my attention and I started watching this show and well then there was no going back. Episodes is about to hit its 5th Season.



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