BIG ANNOUNCEMENT About Hillary Indictment… Things Just Got MESSY

On Monday night, Fox News correspondent Catherine Herridge gave an update on the emails scandal of Hillary Clinton, and what she had to say may shock you.

“I can assure you the intelligence committee is working on determining the scope of any breaches that may have resulted from the improper handling of classified information, and the damage assessments that go with them,” said Rep. Mike Pompeo, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, according to Hot Air. “I think we all understand that we had classified information in channels that weren’t secure on Secretary Clinton’s homebrew server and that risk was associated with that.”

According to Conservative Tribune, Herridge pointed out that “federal regulations require damage assessments after classified information is outside secure government channels, such as a personal server.”

If what Pompeo said is true, the FBI may have obtained unreleased analysis on whether confidential information was mishandled, which wouldn’t be too hard to believe since at least 22 emails found on the server were judged to be top secret and above.

We can only hope that Hillary is indicted by the FBI as soon as possible. SHARE if you think she should be in jail!



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