Bill Clinton Caught Doing The Unthinkable On Camera – This Could Destroy Hillary

Over the last few weeks, the Clintons have been shamelessly pandering to minority voters in a pathetic attempt to get Hillary elected president. Despite the fact that African Americans have made it clear they find the Clintons’ behavior towards them to be offensive, Bill enraged them once again this week when he flew to Kentucky to serve fried chicken to the local black community.

According to The American Mirror, Bill made an unannounced visit to Franco’s Home Cooking in Louisville, where he quickly got behind the counter and began serving chicken to the mostly-African American patrons. The black community immediately saw through this ridiculous attempt to garner votes.

“Bill Clinton came to the hood in Louisville and LITERALLY served fried chicken to Black people,” reported Saturday Morning Solutions, a weekly black radio show.


This came a few weeks after Hillary told black radio hosts that she always carries a bottle of hot sauce around in her purse.

“Now listen, I want you to know that people are going to see this and say, ‘She’s pandering to black people,’” one of the hosts told her.

“Okay, is it working?” Hillary responded.

Moves like this are why even liberals are starting to see through Hillary’s nonsense. If the Clintons keep this up, they may just hand Donald Trump the election!



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