Black Thug Attacks White Kid… Gets a BRUTAL Surprise!

Comedian Katt Williams was humiliated this week after a video went viral showing him sucker-punching a child, and promptly being manhandled to the ground.

According to Conservative Tribune, Williams has recently been on a downward spiral that culminated in an arrest for possession of illegal guns and drugs. The video shows him involved in a fight with a seventh grader, but he quickly gets the shock of his life when the minor fights back and quickly takes him down.

“As a community, y’all let a little broke n**** do that to a celebrity?” Williams questioned to the crowd. “I can’t hang out with y’all.”

We’re glad that Williams got what was coming to him in this video, especially since he recently tried to blame his drug arrest on his skin color.

“If you’re a white celebrity, it’s ‘swatting’ and they don’t let it happen. If you’re a black celebrity, they haven’t invented the word yet, but hopefully they will,” he stated.

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