Bombshell Clinton Emails Leak – This Could Put Her In JAIL

Hillary Clinton got some very bad news on Monday when another 165 emails from her time at the State Department surfaced, including almost three dozen that she failed to hand over last year that were sent through her private server.

According to Wach, these new emails were released to the conservative legal advocacy group Judicial Watch by the State Department under a court order. They include 34 new emails Clinton exchanged through her private account with her deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, who had her own private email account on Clinton’s home server. Abedin later handed over her copies to the government.

One of the new emails is a March 22, 2009, message where the then-secretary of state discusses how her official records would be kept.

“I have just realized I have no idea how my papers are treated at State,” Clinton wrote to Abedin and a second aide. “Who manages both my personal and official files? … I think we need to get on this asap to be sure we know and design the system we want.”

JW v. State Abedin Emails Production 8 00684 4 by Sinclair Broadcast Group

With these newly released emails, it has now been confirmed that there are over 50 work-related emails sent or received by Clinton that were not among those she provided.

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon refused to comment on Monday, but last week he said that she provided “all potentially work-related emails” that were still in her possession when she received the 2014 request from the State Department.

“Secretary Clinton had some emails with Huma that Huma did not have, and Huma had some emails with Secretary Clinton that Secretary Clinton did not have,” Fallon said.

This proves once and for all that Clinton is both a liar and a criminal. SHARE if you think Hillary Clinton should be in JAIL!



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