Bombshell Secret About Hillary Leaks – This Could Destroy Her

Hillary Clinton is trying everything she can to make herself look like an everywoman who is just like every other american. A newly-surfaced report about her finances, however, has confirmed that there is nothing normal about this woman.

According to Daily Mail, Hillary’s campaign financial disclosures show that she made $21 million in speaking fees from trad groups and blue-chip companies between April 2013 and March 2015. This came after the New York Post put together a shocking list of 92 speeches she made during that time period while also collecting almost four six-figure paydays per month.

Bernie Sanders has been after Hillary to release her financial disclosures for months.

“When you get paid $225,000, that means that that speech must have been an extraordinarily wonderful speech,” Sanders said during the pair’s last debate in March. “I would think that [with] a speech so great … you would like to share it with the American people. So I think she should release the transcript.”

Most of Hillary’s speeches raked in $225,000 checks, but she made as much as $400,000 for some of them.

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