Bombshell Secret Leaks From Obama’s Past – He Never Wanted Us To Know This…

In the years leading up to his presidency, Barack Obama reinvented himself as a race-baiting warrior who was so desperate to be seen as a minority that he completely erased two of his former girlfriends from his life just because they were white.

Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist David Maraniss explored the relationship between Obama and his former white girlfriends Genevieve Cook and Alexandra McNear in a bombshell book. Cook recalls meeting Obama at a mutual friend’s apartment in New York City back in 1983, and she was taken by the fact that he immediately knew she was Australian. Back then, most Americans couldn’t differentiate an Australian accent from a British one.

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They exchanged phone numbers at the end of the night, and an aggressive Obama quickly asked Cook out on a date. Within a few days, he was cooking her dinner in his apartment.

“Then we went and talked in his bedroom,” Cook recalled, according to Daily Mail. “And then I spent the night with him. It all felt very inevitable.”

Maraniss describes Obama’s relationship with Cook as “the deepest romantic relationship of his young life.” However, she remembers Obama as someone who was incredibly obsessed with himself. When she would tell him she loved him, he would say, “thank you” instead of “I love you too.”

In her journal from the time period, Cook described Obama as unsettling.

‘The sexual warmth is definitely there — but the rest of it has sharp edges and I’m finding it all unsettling,” she wrote. “His warmth can be deceptive. Though he speaks sweet words and can be open and trusting, there is also that coolness.”

It was Obama’s emotional coldness that ended the relationship in 1985.

Cook wasn’t Obama’s first white girlfriend. While attending Occidental College, he dated fellow student Alexandra McNear, who was also a white woman. At first, McNear was struck by Obama’s intellect, but she quickly found him to be self-absorbed and insensitive to her feelings. He later broke up with her via letter rather than to her face.

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Despite these relationships, Obama barely mentions ever dating white women in his auto-biography. Neither Cook nor McNear fit Obama’s race-baiting agenda, so they have been erased from his history to make room for Michelle.

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