21 Police Officers Attacked In THIS State – Please Send Prayers

The nation was stunned last Thursday night when five police officers were shot dead by a radical Black Lives Matter activist in Dallas. Afterwards, the war on cops spread like wildfire all over the country.

One of the cities whose police have been particularly attacked is St. Paul, Minnesota, where Philando Castile was shot earlier in the week. According to The Political Insider, twenty-one police officers were injured on Saturday night when protests in the midwestern city turned violent with protestors hurling rocks, bottles, fireworks and bricks at law enforcement officers.

Over 102 protesters were arrested at the violent demonstration, which took place at the Governor’s Residence to protest Castile’s death.

These horrific attacks are the result of Barack Hussein Obama spending seven years poisoning African Americans against police. The blood of the fallen and injured officers is on Obama’s hands.

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