BREAKING: 63 Dead In Massive Terrorist Attack – Over 100 Injured

ISIS launched three separate bombings in Baghdad, Iraq on Tuesday that left at least 63 people dead and over 100 injured.

According to The Political Insider, the first suicide bombing took place in a marketplace in the northern, mainly Shi’ite Muslim district of al-Shaab and killed 38 people while wounding over 70. Meanwhile, a car bombing in nearby Shi’ite Sadr City left at least 19 more dead and 17 wounded.

Sources say a suicide car bomb attack in the mixed Shi’ite-Sunni southern neighborhood of al-Rasheed then killed six and wounded 21 people. Authorities have confirmed this is the deadliest spate of attacks in the Iraqi capital so far this year.

ISIS has already claimed responsibility for each of these attacks. We will update you further as this story develops.



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