BREAKING: At Least 18 Dead In Massive Suicide Bombing

According to Allen B West, sad reports have just been released stating that at least 14 people were killed on Monday at the hands of a suicide bomber, who detonated in an Iraqi town just south of Baghdad.

Allegedly the suicide bomber detonated his device at a restaurant near Dhi Oar, effecting roughly 30 people. The death and injury count is still growing, so we will keep you updated.

This incident occurred hours apart from at least two other bombings in the Baghdad area. These other suicide bombings killed at least 10 solider. You’ve most likely noticed the increase in these “attacks”. It’s an unfortunate truth that death tolls caused by suicide bombings are increasing at a rapid rate.

Given the declining state of affairs overseas, many suggest that we need a strong leader to take control of the situation.

Do you think Donald Trump will be able to handle these attacks?
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