BREAKING: Beloved Star Wars Actor Found Dead

Hollywood is in mourning this week after Erik Bauersfeld, who voiced the classic ‘Star Wars’ line … “It’s a trap,” passed away suddenly. He was 93 years-old.

According to The Political Insider, Bauersfeld was best known as the voice of the Star Wars Rebellion’s Admiral Ackbar in “Return of the Jedi.” He also returned to the series last year for the box office hit “The Force Awakens.”

In a 2011 interview, Bauersfeld recounted that the part that defined his career actually took just an hour to record.

“I went over, he showed me the picture of Admiral Ackbar, and I did it,” Bauersfeld said. “I saw the face, and I knew what he must sound like.”

His immortal line “It’s a trap!” has gone on to become an immensely popular internet meme, immortalizing Bauersfeld forever.

Rest in peace, Erik Bauersfield!



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