BREAKING: Bill Clinton Caught Kissing Another Woman – Hillary Devastated

It’s no secret that Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs make his marriage to Hillary one of the biggest shams of all time. However, even we didn’t expect him to disrespect his wife by kissing another woman at one of her own rallies…

We’re all well aware of Bill Clinton’s (alleged) extra-marital affairs. He was pretty much the JFK of the late 20th century.

You’d think with the whole Monica Lewinsky thing in the past Bill would move on and quit embarrassing his wife – but nooooooo.

Check this out…

Um, Willie?

What’s your left hand reaching for?

Do you see that?

Is it possible? Look closer, lol.

He’s not reaching for her…um…is he?

Don’t politicians normally kiss babies to make themselves look good?

I don’t see how this helps Clinton’s image in any way.

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