BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Protester Drops CONCRETE BLOCK On Police Officer’s Head – Please Send Prayers

In the days since the Dallas police shootings that left five officers dead at the hands of a radical Black Lives Matter activist, attacks against American cops have increased at an alarming rate. The anti-police attacks have been especially bad in St. Paul, Minnesota, where Philandro Castro was shot dead by an officer last week.

According to Three Percent Nation, the attacks just escalated in a horrifying way when a Black Lives Matter protester dropped a concrete block on a St. Paul police officer during a riot. KARE 11 reported that the unidentified police officer broke his spine after the block was dropped on him.

“We were just informed that the officer who had a concrete block dropped on his head during I-94 riot has broken vertebrae,” the department tweeted.

A whopping 21 police officers in St. Paul were injured in riots over the weekend. St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell commented on the despicable situation during a press conference.

“Last night, really was the first time in my 28 years as a police officer, that I had observed the level of violence that was directed towards public servants,” he said. “It’s really a disgrace. Protesters last night turned into criminals. I’m absolutely disgusted by the actions of some. We will not tolerate it.”

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