BREAKING: Boxing Legend Rushed To Hospital – Please Send Prayers

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali is fighting for his life today after he was rushed to a hospital in Phoenix with serious respiratory issues.

The 74-year-old former world heavyweight champion was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 30 years ago, and this illness is making his condition even worse. According to The Political Insider, Ali’s family is rushing to his bedside as his condition has been described as dire.


Actress Veronica Porche, 60, Ali’s third wife, said that her two daughters she had with him are on their way to his Phoenix hospital.

“My daughters have both flown there and I will be hearing from them when they arrive at the hospital,” said Porche, who was married to Ali from 1977 to 1986. “I can’t comment more than that but I will say it is not so great, I’ll just say that much. He’s a real hero. It’s a sad situation.”

Please keep Muhammad Ali in your thoughts and prayers as he fights the biggest battle of his life!



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