BREAKING: First Election Results Are In – Here’s Who’s Winning

Though the election is still one month away, early voting has already begun, and the results are now pouring in.

The LA Times reported that over a dozen states are collecting ballots either through absentee votes by mail or in-person early voting. A database kept by University of Florida professor Michael McDonald in conjunction with the Associated Press Election Research Group has found that 96,024 votes have been cast nationwide.

The Iowa secretary of state publishes a daily accounting of how many ballots are being requested and returned in its early voting period, and it has revealed that 26,980 votes have been cast, with 57% coming from registered Democrats and 26% from Republican voters. This comes after Hillary Clinton maximized on the early voting program by focusing on key states like Iowa, where many of the ballots will come in before November 8. However, things could still pick up for Donald Trump there, as he had a strong second place finish in the Iowa caucus.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Republicans have the early advantage, with 48% of early votes received coming from GOP voters and 32% from Democrats.

These numbers are still a small fraction of what the overall early vote looked like in 2012. On the day of the election in 2012, only 16% of Colorado voters cast ballots. Less than a third did in Nevada, while just 38% did in North Carolina.



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