BREAKING: Former US Attorney Reveals Grand Jury Is Investigating Hillary

At the Democratic debate this past week, Hillary Clinton did everything she could to make it look like there was no chance she’d be indicted by the FBI for her personal emails scandal. Unfortunately for her, however, a bombshell just dropped that reveals Hillary may indeed end up in jail later this year rather than the White House.

According to Infowars, former US attorney Joseph E. diGenova revealed this week that he believes a grand jury has already convened to investigate Hillary over her personal emails. diGenova pointed out that there are now two separate FBI investigations into political corruption, with one of them involving the Clinton Foundation.

“The Bureau has between 100 and 150 agents assigned to the case. They would not have that many people assigned to a classified information case,” he told The Daily Caller. “Based on reports that agents are asking questions about the foundation, it seems to me it is the subject of a second prong of the investigation.”

diGenova also echoed other’s claims that the fact that Justice Department officials issued immunity to Hillary’s former IT chief Bryan Pagliano suggests that a grand jury has already been convened.

“It is inconceivable to me that they could have done that without subpoenaing documents from third parties,” diGenova said, “You cannot declare immunity except in the grand jury context if it was statutory immunity.”

“My long experience as the United States Attorney and an independent counsel makes me conclude as a matter of professional judgment that a grand jury exists,” diGenova added. “It is readily apparent to me that there is at least a grand jury impaneled for the purposes of issuing subpoenas.”

We can only hope that diGenova is right, and that Hillary Clinton is one step closer to prison!



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