BREAKING: Gunman On The Loose After Shooting American Police Officer

Police are still searching for a man who shot a police officer in Mahomet, Illinois on Saturday night.

Officer Jeremy Scharlow, a nine year veteran of the Mahomet Police Department, was shot in the arm on Saturday night by Dracy “Clint” Pendleton, 35. According to NBC News, Scharlow returned fire at Pendleton and possibly injured him, but the extend of his wounds are unclear. Pendleton is believed to be armed with an AK-47.

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It all started when an officer stopped Pendleton for a traffic violation just before 11pm and let him off with a warning. Moments later, Pendleton encountered Scharlow, and a gunfight ensued. The suspect eventually fled the scene in his pickup truck.

Scharlow was treated at the hospital and released on Sunday morning. He is now recovering at home.

We will update you further as this story develops.



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