BREAKING: Hillary Caught On Camera Suffering From Health Scare

Hillary Clinton was hoping that she’d put rumors about her health woes to rest, but a bombshell new video has reignited theories that she is indeed extremely ill.

Western Journalism reported that Clinton was caught on camera last Friday coughing and needing assistance to walk down stairs at a campaign event in Florida.

“The first major party presidential candidate under FBI investigation — who had the primaries rigged in her favor by the DNC — wants to lead the free world, yet can’t manage to walk up and down without help,” John S. Roberts wrote on Young Conservatives.

Roberts went on to say that despite the fact that the Clinton campaign swears she is in perfect health, the facts say otherwise.

“Four days ago, Hillary Clinton exited a building and immediately looked for something to grab on to as she walked down the stairs. Seven days before that, grandma needed help up the stairs,” Roberts wrote.

Clinton was not able to finish her speech on Friday before descending into a coughing fit, marking the second time in a week that has happened.

Clearly, there is something very wrong with Clinton’s health. If she isn’t healthy enough to run for president effectively, she DEFINITELY is not healthy enough to BE president!



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