BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Implicated In MURDER Investigation – It’s Happening

Hillary Clinton’s past came back to haunt her this week when it was revealed that FBI agents investigating the death of Bill Clinton’s Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster found that Hillary “triggered” his death when she humiliated him in front of other White House aides a week before he took his own life.

According to Daily Mail, Hillary met with Foster and other top aides to discuss her proposed health care legislation the week before his supposed suicide. When Foster raised a legal objection at the meeting, Hillary violently disagreed and ridiculed him in front of his peers, according to former FBI agent Coy Copeland and former FBI supervisory agent Jim Clemente.

“Hillary put him down really, really bad in a pretty good-size meeting,” Copeland says. “She told him he didn’t get the picture, and he would always be a little hick town lawyer who was obviously not ready for the big time.”


Hillary then blamed Foster for all the Clintons’ problems and accused him of failing them.

“Foster was profoundly depressed, but Hillary lambasting him was the final straw because she publicly embarrassed him in front of others,” said Clemente.

“Hillary blamed him for failed nominations, claimed he had not vetted them properly, and said in front of his White House colleagues, ‘You’re not protecting us’ and ‘You have failed us,'” Clemente added. “That was the final blow.”

The FBI concluded that it was this attack on Foster by Hillary that caused him to kill himself a week later. Many believe that Foster was murdered at the hands of the Clintons, and that his death was made to look like a suicide to protect them.

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