ISIS Terrorist Caught In Texas – The Deadly Thing He Was Carrying Was TERRIFYING

An armed, violent Muslim was arrested in Arlington, Texas on Tuesday after he attacked police officers.

According to The Political Insider, it all started around 3pm when two people flagged down an Arlington School Resource Officer as he was driving to the station. The terrified people told the officer about a possible aggravated assault by a man who was believed to be armed.

The officer then located Wahib Sadek’s vehicle and pulled him over. It was then that Sadek got out of his car and approached the officer in an aggressive manner. Since the officer did not see a weapon, he pulled out his taser and used it on Sadek after the two got into a physical fight. With the help of two private citizens, Sadek was eventually taken into custody.

When they searched Sadek’s car, police found a knife, an AK-47 rifle, and a handgun. Things got even worse when Sadek then told officers that he is a member of the terrorist group ISIS.

This story shows that ISIS has finally infiltrated our country, and their operatives could be anywhere by now. This proves Donald Trump has been right all along…



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