BREAKING: Legendary Athlete Found Dead – Please Send Prayers

Football fans are devastated this week after it was revealed that Curley Johnson, who punted for the Jets in their Super Bowl victory over the heavily favored Baltimore Colts in 1969, died this past Sunday at his home in Granbury, Texas. He was 80 years-old.

According to The New York Times, Johnson signed with the Jets, which was then known as the New York Titans, as a free agent in 1961 and continued playing for them through the 1968 season. During his career, he played running back and tight end as well as returning kickoffs. In 1965, he set a franchise season record with a gross punting average of 45.3 yards. This record lasted until 2012, when Robert Malone broke it with 45.8. Ryan Quigley topped this record two years later with an average of 45.9 yards.

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Johnson retired in 1969 after playing five games with the team that season. He finished his career with a 42.3 yards on punts in his career. In addition, he rushed 64 times for 209 yards and a touchdown, and he caught 32 passes for 370 yards and three touchdowns.

Born in July 2, 1935, in Anna, Texas, Johnson is survived by his beloved wife Janet. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time!



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