BREAKING: Sarah Palin Get’s Devastating News, But Then It Got Even Worse

Ever since Sarah Palin ran for Vice President in 2008, her family has been the target of harsh criticism. Sadly, the harassment doesn’t seem to be fading away. It looks like she’ll have to weather this storm for a while…

Last Sunday night, Palin’s husband Todd was injured in a serious snowmobile accident. In response, Palin announced that she would be cancelling her scheduled appearances with the Trump campaign.

When news sources made the announcement on Twitter, liberals throughout the country immediately started attacking her.

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Some responded by claiming that no one cared about the accident or about Palin. Others argued that she was only hungry for attention, and that she doesn’t really care about her family’s well-being.

Fortunately, there were supporters willing to stand up for Palin, and offer prayers on her family’s behalf.

What do you think of these posts? Has this gone way too far?



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