BREAKING: Sasha Obama Caught Drinking ALCOHOL – She’s Even Worse Than Malia…

By now we’ve all seen the photos and videos of Michelle Obama drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana as she partied all over the world this summer. Now, however, her 15 year-old sister Sasha is showing the world that Malia isn’t the only party animal in the family.

Radar online shocked the country on Monday when they announced that photos have surfaced of Sasha engaging in illegal, debaucherous behavior. According to Mad World News, the images show Sasha at a house party by beer cans and red plastic party cups.

The photos leaked online on Saturday with the description “Taking shots with Sasha Obama.” Another description read, “When Sasha Obama is at your party.” Though the website has yet to make the photos public, the photos are said to show Sasha wearing tight white jeans and a cropped gray top that shows her black bra.

At six years younger than the legal drinking age, Sasha is DEFINITELY too young to be drinking alcohol or going to wild parties. The Obamas have spent the last seven years telling Americans how to raise their children. Clearly, they should have spent more time focusing on raising their own girls, because Sasha and Malia are out of control!



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