BREAKING: Supreme Court Gives Trump Some VERY Good News

The Supreme Court gave GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump some much-needed good news last week when they ruled on a case brought against one of his former casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

According to Conservative Tribune, the Supreme Court rejected a case brought against Trump’s Taj Mahal casino by a union representing over 1,000 employees who claimed they had been robbed of pensions, health coverage and other benefits when the Taj Mahal’s parent company, Trump Entertainment Resorts, sought bankruptcy protection in 2014. SCOTUS found that since the collective bargaining agreement with Trump Entertainment Resorts had expired and the company no longer owned the resort, it was not obligated to continue giving any benefits to employees.

Union group Unite Here Local 54 had asked the Supreme Court to determine whether a bankruptcy court should allow a company to cease providing benefits when no collective bargaining agreement exists. The union said that labor laws had employers from abandoning a collective bargaining agreement under such conditions, but the court did not agree.

The Supreme Court ruled that under the National Labor Relations Act, the terms and conditions of an expired CBA continue to preside over the debtor-employer contract. The justices added that a bankruptcy judge has to be free to assess a labor contract that could determine the fate of a business.

This ruling will come as very good news for Trump, whose businesses will start to become bigger targets as the election goes on.

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